Lost In Memory

Lost in memory
Not knowing what everything should be
Forgetting all the important things
Not even remembering names

Lost in memory
Hiding from the known things
Trying hard to return to your past
Taking time to piece together your own life
Working at remembering

Lost in memory is half my life
while the other half is lost within fear of the unknowns and coming of the future for me

Lost in memory
Much of my time
This is where I still remain
Important things I need to recall
Go gone for good once walking into the memory door

Confused and frustrated and misunderstood is what people say that recall all of their own life
They don’t feel what the heartache feels like of being lost forever in memory

They don’t know the frustration and pain
Unless they have gone into lost memory

Maybe tomorrow, yesterday or even next week maybe just maybe my loss of memory will give me a break

Although I doubt that so
For I already know that it happens more than enough for anyone to name
Being lost in that memory game

So I’m not looking for much
Not even a flame burning still in hope
For I know that at this point my life holds onto much doubt
I still believe that my memory shall one day truly fail and that in a year
Even then still I will be lost in memory once more

2 thoughts on “Lost In Memory

  1. I remember my grandmother from reading this poem. She’s slowly losing her memory, and I’m starting to get afraid for her. But all she does is smile, which makes me smile past the fear. This was a great read.

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