A Pair Of Boots Sits On A Shelf

A pair of boots sits on the shelf
Old, ragged and all worn out
My best of a pair that I loved so long
Yet now I have grown out and can no longer continue on
The journey with my boots has come to a end
Kinda almost feels like when you’ve lost a friend
Sounds strange I know
But those boots had seen my entire life thru the goods and the bads, now it’s the end
Yet honestly I am not ready to part with those boots yet they’ve decided different
The time has come
This is so I guess it’s true our time must go
Kinda like the footprints poem
They carried me along
And now it’s all I must do now
Relying on faith that one day another pair shall one day fill that empty space
The space on the shelf and again on my soul
Boots that are new and not holes and material with a toe poking thru
Finding and keeping a really good boot that fits you this way is just so hard to do anymore
So some hopes inside just make me think sometime
Will I really be able to fill this void
they are great boots that get me around good
But holes in the toes is just no good
The snug fit around my feet so gentle and nice but it’s time to realize and release
These were good boots, good boots instead
In fact so good I think I’ll just leave them be on my shelf for me to always remember my travels and always remind what good boots they were
So here a pair of boots sit still on that shelf to still travel in memory lane with me

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