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The Shy Guy

Who’s the shy guy
He’s the guy who respects you
The guy who stays to himself
He’s the guy who will truly love you just for you

Who’s the shy guy hiding inside
He’s the sexy man
A man who will do everything for you
The man who will try to always make you happy rather than sad and depressed

He’s the man who will turn over his life to prove himself to you
He’s the guy who will give his life to save you

Who’s the shy guy
He’s a real man
He’s an honest and pure man
He’s all you could ever ask for
He’s just a shy guy
Nothing but handsome and good

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Light The Fire, A Dream You And Me

Light the fire
dim the lights
close your eyes
dream a dream of me
there by your side

Dream of me holding your hand
running my fingers through your hair
slowly kissing your face
making love being the best it could ever be

Light the fire
dim the lights
close your eyes
Now think of me
I may not be there for real,
but in spirit I am always with you
it is not a dream
In spirit we can both feel the truth
It is no longer a dream
Not any figments of the imagination that we see
Now it’s just you and me


She Is Me

She loves you like crazy
Her eyes are as beautiful as the skies
Her heart is as big as any space could be

When she sees you before her
Her heart begins to flutter like no other
Her lips when she speaks are as quiet as the rain
Her voice is as exotic as a tropical flower from a distant island

Her fingers are as smooth as silk
Her skin as soft as the willows of a willow tree
She is everything I’ve see her to be
She is me


Just Believe

Somebody’s getting married there hope is no longer a dream
A baby is being born across town
Brought into a new family
The bride and groom are nervous not knowing what tomorrow holds

A guy live on a cot or the street with nowhere or no home
Animals becoming abandoned with love broken in faith

A girl getting beat finding out that she had bad taste in guys
While another learns she I pregnant as a single mother or a out of control teen

All of these hold true with many a time no where to go or no one to help
It’s the thing we call life

Bottom line don’t run and hide
Life is sometimes tough
It holds tomorrow in it’s hand not always the answer we seek
That’s okay, don’t give up
Just believe


These Were The Good Old Days

The good old days
Family ties, Full house, Doogie Houser MD, Mr. Ed the talking horse, and I Dream of Jeanie
These were the days of peace, love and respect
These were the good old days

Friends helping friends
Unity and honesty
These were the good old days

The days of they’re great!! When tony the tiger shared breakfast with you
And snap, crackle, pop was the morning music to your ears
These were the good old days

When the eye games were Where’s Waldo and the game system games were legand of Zelda, Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego, Gauntlet, and Prince of persia and the original Mario brothers, and Street fighter
These were the good old days

When friends didn’t let friends drink and drive and you always had a friend in Pennsylvania. Where there was no texting while driving and roads were safe
These were the good old days
When the favorite kids shows were reading rainbow, Fraggle Rock, and rainbow bright
Now where have these good old days gone

The favorite show of all times for everyone was Happy Days, Who’s the boss, and Lavern and Shirley
These were the good old days
They have slimmed to none and waisted away passing us by
These days were the good old days long ago but not so much today

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