A Lost Love

Do you remember when you were alone and blue
That’s when I came into your life and believed in you
You gave me hope and I fell for you
I gave you hope and lit up yourself

However things fell and turned up and down
Now we are believing in faith to see each others light
Time is eating up everything we have
I find myself inside myself missing you like never before
Waiting and hoping you’ll come walking through that door

Unsure if you still may believe
Living on the hope that you had once seen
You tell me everything will be alright
But with no intimacy and having you by my side it is so much harder to believe

Silence words as days go on by
Seeing myself desperately longing for you to show just how you feel
Unsure what really is happening with us as we are finding myself often in a cry
It’s been too long and still nothing has come
You said that we would become one till the day one of us dies
Yet forever I have waited and no such has come my way
It’s hard to hear what one can not see
Are we true or lost in another stray day

A fairy tale is how it seems
With you saying we’re real and to try to believe
In my heart I try yet there has never been anytime
So at night I stray and begin only to cry
We use to love each other and be so tight
Now it’s like we were never meant as we had seen
A lost love is what it feels like instead
A lost love gone down in the deep abyss
Only a lost love is what I can see
As of this whole vision was all just a dream instead

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