Returning Again To January

January when the snow and cold is on the ground

 I sit by my fire dreaming of you lying beside me at night.

February then comes along and reminds me of our love

March brings in the entrace of spring, st. Patrick’s day and earth day

April bring lovely change from snow to April showers palm Sunday, passover and Easter 

leading to popping beautiful May flowers

While landing in Mother’s Day and Memorial day

yet lets not forget the father’s in June

Followed by a big celebration in July for Independence day

 then the opening ceremony of the summer Olympics

August brining out the sweet treats of National Watermelon Day, National Smore’s day and then National marsh mellow toasting day

Not to forget all the importance of September with Labor Day, Garndparent’s Day, 911 Remembrance followed with constitution day and Native American Day

October spooking around the corner to bring in Columbus day and Halloween

November admiring All Saints day, and veterans day

filling in feasts with Thanksgiving and black Friday

December bringing forth Advent and Christmas

then ending while still beginning into the new year

returning again to January




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