One Day

Each time I think about you, you make me crazy
You make my heart beat go boom boom boom and beat so wildly
You fill it and fully complete me
You are my inspiration
My eternity

Loyal like a wolf you stay by me even when we are miles away
You make my heart sing a loud joyous song of peace

You paint a most beautiful picture of our family in my mind and life
I await the day that I can walk by your side
Be yours forever
Forever in your life

For now this is what it is
Yet it’s better than none
a beautiful girl and such a gentleman

I know that you care and that you’ll always be there
I know that you love me
just wish that I could still see more
One day,one day this all will come true
May it be tomorrow or even the new year

I feel in my heart this strong bond that we share.
One day together we will be a true family

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