I Will Stand

you can look at me and call me names

you can break my heart in sensless shame

but you cant take my mind from the truths I know

I can tell you once or tell you twice

 but you stay dumbfounded and dont care to know

you can pull my hair and slap my face

i wont always break down and cry

I’ll stand my ground for I have the right to

no matter how hard you fight and beat me down

I’ll stand my ground with every blow

you look me in the eyes

  telling me not to try to run my own life

I tell you…

 you can try and continue to disrepect all that i say

but I shall stand my ground till i die

At least I respect things that  you say

even when you hit me and make me black and blue

I’ll stand to you even when you least want or expect me to

you will take my flesh with you to the grave

weather you want to or not

because beating me will only bring you shame and a grey soul in life

however I will fight you to the end

you aren’t gonna tear me down

I will stand here and hold my ground

you can take my life or at least try

I won’t run from you and hide

I have no shame or no guilt to hide

i will stand my ground and live on the edge of life

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