I Gaze At Grey Skies

While lying awake in the early rise of the day

 I gaze at grey skies and clouds out my windows slowly blowing past and away

after the storms of the night pounding loud on the house

tornado warnings issued for the counties around me

now flooding the threat for this morning Isee

silence of the storm calming and going away

awaiting the day to fully clear and glow in the morning sun

I gaze out my window not yet knowing what will come today within my day

will it be sunny and beautiful or muddy and filled with rain all day

I gaze at grey skies out my window  today

My day has not yet fully begin with kids still sleeping

there is nothing yet to be done

Time to myself I finally get some of

when a mom of three always seems to be a busy and tough job

this time I have I quietly stay

lying awake in the bliss of the rise of the day

gazing out the window at the grey skies outside

 shading the morning of the beginning of my new day

enjoying the stillness and quiet moment that i get before me

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