Hold Your Head Up High

Hold your head up
Don’t look down
Turn to the heart
Don’t hold a frown
Don’t let tears stream down your face
Let your heart hold on its place

Hold your head high
Don’t let things tear you down
Hold the faith and pull yourself up high
Don’t let life take away what you’ve worked so hard to retain

Let the lights shine down
Let the lights guide you home
Let the lights steer God’s way
Holding you up high and find your way
Let the light fix the hurtles life has made and help to pull you up today

Hold your head high
Don’t lay in dismay
I hate to see you cry
Hold out on your tears

Put your heart to ease
Listen to what it has to say
Wipe the Tears away
Knowing things won’t go away too fast
Everything takes time to ease the pains

All is good
When your hearts at rest
Build up on the hope that’s lost

Hold your head high
Don’t let me see you cry
Things may not be at their best
Things will look up again in the end
Than you can say that all else will be okay

Just hold your head up high
Looking high gazing upon the wide open sky
You will be able to smile then and look back on it instead
To laugh at day by day
the rest of the ongoing way in the final battle of the end

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