Like A Mirror I Gaze

Like a mirror I gaze into the lake
I see my reflection, reliving my past and present seeking out my future

Seeing amazing and beautiful women gazing back at me, I realize how blessed I am

Like a mirror I gaze into the lake
Saying your no Cinderella or mistake
You are the way that God created you to be
The masterpiece he saw for me

Like a mirror I stay and stare
Looking at the beautiful face looking back at me
As I look eye to eye at who I have become in front of me
Realizing that I am truly lucky to just be me

Like a mirror I gave at a large wide open ocean and here is what I see
I see a space full of future possibilities

So now I ask myself
Next time I look into that mirror
what will I see
I ponder this question as I travel throughout my path before me

One day I shall see my story
But for now it remains a learning lesson and mystery

Like a mirror I gaze at me

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