In The Middle Of The Night I Write

I wake in the middle of the night
After a long day
Then write what comes to mind

Given time or not
I begin to blog and jot
Moods in different things

My writing soothes my mind
Surrounded in my life of stress
Thoughts of my life and what it’s like
Or what it’ll end up to be

Writing is everything to me
Happy, sad, mad, upset
It doesn’t matter
It all comes out being said from the heart

I know that I said words don’t mean a thing
But it depends on the contexts

Sometimes words don’t mean a thing
However writing says it all
Truths and facts it says everything

Usually from the heart and soul
the words form the whole making it complete

Just listen to what’s being said
You may learn something new that may have never been knowledgable in your head before

Writing is good in journal or in bed, at work or school or a park even more

Doesn’t matter where or when
Writing can clear your mind and be your friend

In the middle of the night or even during the day
Doesn’t matter when or what you write
It helps you bring your thoughts to life
Bringing your life in brighter light

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