If I Could Only Get You To See And Believe

If you could only understand the loves he had
Maybe them, maybe
You’d be willing to help me
Get away, stand on my feet, and make a better life for me

If you could only see how he would promise to take care of me
To show the world all the feelings he has me

Falling for you wouldn’t even express the way he feels
I only wish you could truly see how much this man means to me

Your so old school
You won’t hold open the door till you honestly see

He’d lay out his life for me
Isn’t that what love should be
Love isn’t easy to come by these days

However this man pours his heart put to me
Always telling me and reminding me of all the beauties he sees in me

Isn’t this the way that love should be
Isn’t that what you always taught me
I believe it is
I won’t change my mind

If I could only get you to see and believe
Maybe then, maybe
Maybe you’d be more than willing to help me begin a new life all over again

Isn’t this what you always wanted for me
To be safe
To be happy
To have a man who truly cared for me and supported me

Isn’t this what love should be
If I could only get you to see and believe

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