Pushing The Tears Aside



When your eyes cry you always seem to try and push all the tears away.

Never knowing which way you will travel next, which route will hold the key.

Somehow you just let tears fall to the boards of the floor, rolling off your cheek.

Mellow and sad not always understanding and surpassing each hill you have climbed.

Fear sets in as you begin to panic.

Feeling manic and in disarray, stress begins to cloud your focus among your boggled mind.

so distraught and upset felling that life is not following the path which you envision in your journey.

You begin to sweet, get clammed hands and tremble with horror of your path your in along your way.

Bitter sweet seems sour and raw now as your turmoil becomes more real.

You thought that you would find happiness soon, yet you’ve watched it all be taken away and disappear out of sight as with the ending of the day.

Intimidated and jealous of others who have already found their paths out of their own lost ways.

You feel no hope and want to run and hide, never to be found or return to this side.

persevering on you try to keep faith as all you once had has lost it’s very own place.

The plan you had once seen has fallen apart in shambles of this life.

If you don’t catch yourself soon, what you once knew as stable you, stable life view will soon be scattered throughout the lands as the loss of hope will one day finally consume you as well.

returning you to when your eyes cry you always seem to try and push all the tears aside

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