Good Day, Goodnight

The sun has set, day has gone

No time to frett, moving on

no whsiper within the black midnight wind

no tears falling from the skies

the day is gone and the moon is high

stars are filling the midnight sky

time to lay upon the bed and silently rest upon my head

good Day, goodnight

The Late Night Blog

The late nights blog is what I look forward to each day

That is truly my time away from life and kids of the daily everyday

this may sound selfish and all about me

but that is what ,y alone time is just suppost to be

The late night blog is what keeps me focusing on yet another day

while it clears my head just before bed of all the stressors making me unable to rest my head

the late night blog is what keeps me saine

while I blog about just what is truly bothering me

I think i will not walk this one away

but keep it instead and look for the next blog to be on it’s way for me again tommorrow in the new day.