The Pain Of Nothing Else

Tearing beneath the skin I feel the rapture, the pain.

I plead and beg arguing within for it all to walk away.

this firey pain still raging strong as pain overwhelmes my inside like nothing else.

That all hits the fan as the last tear I have falls.

My nerves shot.

Trembling in the hands has begun.

I have no more to reach out or give.

and am so tired of holding on.

My life begins to slip yet again, as my life feels it has come to an end.

I am not strong as I once had been.

I am weak and have begun to feel defeat.

My eyes have become dry not one more tear remains.

my voice silent as there is no more I could come with to say.

I have begun to push all my hopes and dreams away

feelinging there is nothing left to give or reach out for in life.

My body has begun to shut down and waist away.

I have become tired of the fight and I have nothing left inside.

this is my life, who i say and what i do is all about me.

The pain of nothing else but this life I have and the pain of my health and nothinng else.

I truly honestly have nothing else to give.


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