We Are The People

We are all the same
Not one of us so different than the other
We are the people
Each born of the same race
No matter the color
No matter the style
No matter your height
We all are labeled the human race
So why segregation
Why bully the handicap who can’t react to what they are given
There are no reasons
It is uncalled for
We are the people
All born of the same designed race
We are not monsters looking so ugly or scary
We are the people
Named the human race
So let’s be proud of who we are
Giving our name to good use and making it become something all want to hear
We are all born of one race
Not different in any way at all
We each have the silhouette of the main profile called “the human”
We are all the same everyday in life
So free your thoughts and open your mind creating the best of our titled name
We all are the people
That will not ever change
We shall live and even die this in the final day
Be proud of who you are
Don’t dismay what a beautiful thing that you could really honestly be

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