Wishing My Heart On Sum Luck — Mega Millions 540 million

Okay so tonight dad and I went and did the unthinkable when you break it down to our family. We rarely ever ever get any kind of lottery tickets. However with the BIG 540 Million running right now and still gaining. Along with life’s handle on us right now we actually discussed it as a dinner conversation and then broke down in hopes of lucks sum. Yup you heard right. We bought 4 tickets. My luck is riding really hard on this reward and my heart is really eagerly leaning on a win or a non win and then another chance next week if no wins this week. If you have been following my recent and past several years on Facebook then you know how bad we all could use this money. So if you have a small sence of decency laeft in your heart for some good send up hope to christ for a nice sum luck. Good Luck to all who went up on the BIG 540 Million. I have become one of the ones wishing my heart on that sum luck.

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