One’s Sanity, What’s Left Of Me

Lying in the dark of night I sit and think and contemplate the next move in this game of life
As If like a move taken in a game of chess
Each move could be your last
Questions running throughout your mind of who would want to break this love and bond of mine
Taking away all that is mine in just all that I have breaking hearts and tearing a family apart.
All in my eyes is not for the best interest of me in my mind but for the love of my kids, my family and my very own well being and sanity instead.
Yet the threat still comes at hand to threaten to destroy ones sanity and life instead.
To tear apart what dream that one once had making it all lye in rubble and mystery and putting out the one tiny flame left burning within
Killing the dreams that once still survived and making them spin and swirl right down the drain. The only Sanity one had left. Turned and burned to ashes and suit laying in the rubble as if it were just all a comply bed to rest your very head. Taking apart one’s sanity and what’s left of me.

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