To Be Married Finally…No Longer A Dream

I gather together ideas of that one special day. Already having my apparel picked out and ideas in my head. Awaiting that day I shall one day be wed. Minds eye alert and open minded of each new style that begins to come out. Nothing planned or day picked put just ideas full of surprise and still on a burning flame that the day will come and fill my fame with glory and future family to share with. Fulfilling a dream never yet seized and giving me a feeling I have not yet surpassed. Walking an isle I have not yet strutted. Being for one day my very own a princess or beauty queen. That day will be a day just for me. A day for me alone to be with him throughout eternity . For us to begin our own journey into the next happy place traveled happily. Just married…happy. No longer a dream…but a chance to be married finally. Thoughts I ponder quite frequently actually. Though you’d never know it not much to be seen. First things first he’s gotta propose to me and before doing that he’s gotta find me. To be married finally… No longer a dream but into reality.

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