The Way People Communicate And Understand Me

If there were one thing I wish that could ever be changed  it would be the communication lever within and surrounding me Throughout myself and my journey in life I have found faults in the way that people communicate with me I try to try but getting no where I step away in search ofContinue reading “The Way People Communicate And Understand Me”

Once A Legend To Live Out A Dream

A legend lives forever in the hearts and souls they’ve touched Not soon or ever forgotten among the few to many they’ve so short seen and grown fond A legend lives forever in experience, memories and there on beyond Once to have come in so far there is no turning back The journey keeps repeatingContinue reading “Once A Legend To Live Out A Dream”

To Be Married Finally…No Longer A Dream

I gather together ideas of that one special day. Already having my apparel picked out and ideas in my head. Awaiting that day I shall one day be wed. Minds eye alert and open minded of each new style that begins to come out. Nothing planned or day picked put just ideas full of surpriseContinue reading “To Be Married Finally…No Longer A Dream”