Have You Forgotten Me

Have you given up on me

my life has not felt yet the same

I feel sadness and sorrow and down low ahead

I see you in the distance as I sleep and rest my head

things are quite different then what they used to be

Have you given up on me

I am concerned as I feel shutter and fear

nested deep within my stomachs path

I have not forgotten who you are

I have not forgotten what roads you travel far

my loves never lost

always within the same place

life just eats me and exhausts my whole spiritual being

My love never wonders

for it knows where the best stays

constantly thinking even within rest

quiet it lyes fast asleep in the night

even in dreams it reassured it sees our gleaming light

I have not left or forsaken you

but I ask once more…

have you forgotten me

I understand trust me I do

living in this distance and not near or with you

it doesn’t live on easy street

no one said that it did

but seeing you so panic-stricken and sad, upset within

it makes me question once more

the where about of us lying within

have you forgotten me

I said it yes I did

have you forgotten me…are we done

I don’t really vow to know

but in the gut of my heart it is what I must know

our dreams written amongst the stars for all to see

yet feels as if you have lost or left me

destined to be together

feeling as if you have walked away

have you forgotten me

I must know indeed

have you forgotten me

leaving me alone to weep alone in the night

to see you sad and know you haven’t much been around

the question still remains

the question that still remains holding on

as I sit and stare at nothing there and ponder what is running within that brain

Have you forgotten me and who I am

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