My Foolish Heart

My foolish heart believing on love
Standing within familiar which seems to fit for I know it best

But familiar is not so good
Scared and confused knocking at my own hearts door
Trying to let light seep in knowing that as hard as I try I may not win
My own love burning in flame as I search in the journey on my own day.

Laying low awaiting my life’s destination

 on this curvy road that my foolish heart is traveling

seeing dreams that begin then fail

Hearts being broken with every next day
Relentless of the trails that lye ahead.
My foolish heart holding on tight.
Living here within the light trying to find my way.

New surpises for each new day

nothing ever going or seemung my way

as life spins the bottle and washes dreams away

love in the waiting as you want and search it right now

hope living fresh inside as you try to keep your own flame burning

Knowing what it is that you see in your mind

yet having to play life’s game

discrased at the views that you may see

My foolish heart begining to fade

as the dreams I have made have begun to vanish or stray

I just can’t let life have it’s way

I’ll fight from now until forever to have you and me

no matter what I may face

that’s what love is

a battle amongst life

for you to keep safe what you cherish most

that is where my foolish heart lies

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