Dark Intent

In a deep dark hole is where I lye
No one near to hear me cry
With dark intent flaring within
Dark intent, dark intent
Burning from a deep wide vent
Burning down beneath where no one knows just where I hide
With rage and anger dreading inside
Dark intent, dark intent
Falling over me with silence
Taking my life and all I have
To rest aside all of my grief
To take no more as no courage I have left
My heart shut down to the things I seek
Loss of hope filled flame has blown out
Left in this dark intent that is all that is left of me
Dark intent, dark intent
Fear, reject is what I deals feel within
Dark intent has grown in size and my heart has been left in the dust and dirt to rot and die
Dark intent is what I face
As nothing is left to shine the light
Shall It go black, or travel white
Within my life nothing seems right
Fate tearing apart every plan
While nightmares of dreams awakes from sleeps in fear throughout the nights
A dream is just not a dream when it threatens your mind in the shimmer and lights.
Life is not the same right now
With this dark intent filling my soul.

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