The Chimney

Raging in fury
Full thick black clouds filling the rooms Of every corner within view
Alarms beginning to portray and sound a sound of alarm and worries of all within ears reach.
Frantic and searching throughout and about no answers to arise
This all came as a big surprise and a new unsolved mystery at hand.
Black suit staining the roof and the frame as pieces of the chimney have melted away.
Asking help from the insurance who insures all is well
Yet left with no heat and winter and a family left within the cold for the night
Nowhere to turn as not an answer in sight
No sight of flame can be seen with the eye
Just left over suit and black mess of array.
Where this was once a chimney now left melt away by this hidden fire we did not see.
Questions still unanswered but happy and aware that all are still alright thanks to the friend of the dog who warned them before anything could get out of hand and alerted master before time was too late.
Thanks to the dog we call man’s best friend who plays to be friend even in signs of the end.
In the chimney is where it seemed to play out.
Leaving the roof and sides nothing but misty black on and throughout.

****Dedicated to anyone who has experienced the haste of taking part on the loss of property, homing, or everything in or to a house fire. I can say that I now know what pressure and tragedy that is like. May God bless you all. ****

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