The World Of Grey And Betray

We can at times take life for granted, leaving our most treasured and sacred possessions behind to gain our pleasure, riches or entertainments to fill the word made of just the way we like it, creating life. Filling our times with the things that we enjoy or would like more freedoms or entertainments of. Forgetting who we are and leaving behind the most precious to us. Filling it with what seems so good at the time, until we learn afterwards how wrong we were at the time of doing that which was wrong. You need to rebuild and mend time can not be changed. It is what it is, it is as we created who we are, have become or have learned along the way. This is your very own life. This is you. It can be changed in time but only by you alone, as only I can change my life. You are the pilot on this ride. Don’t run to hide or crawl under your bed it is not that easy. Your troubles will remain. They will not go away until you have stared them down and had a face on with them. Creating the balance between to form who you were meant to truly be. You don’t gotta listen to me, but If you do just remember I am just another face trying to help you to find your face amongst the world of grey and betray. To find just who you are and the face you see looking at you in a mirror each day.

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