The Traveler I Now Am

Traveling now where we once traveled together I now become my own traveler.
Looking about with each step that I take I see just all that I have seen once before, but this time is different.
Each empty branch and each limb on a tree I take notice of as it does not pass by me. The two sets of footprints that once followed me are a single traveler among that fresh bank of snow. Seeing in a different light which I had once known even in the night passes me by now with a bit of discomfort, unfamiliar and fright.
Seeing my life with two different eyes and you no longer a traveler at my side makes me restless even at the best of times.
At times making me fall in tears and cry
Or drop toy knees wanting to hide. My life is just not the same anymore with you gone and no longer walking in thru the door. Just to hear you speak once more or feel you cry on my shoulder when we’d have a good talk to comfort each other and make each other get the last word or last laugh.
Even when I was at my lowest low you helped me to keep my head high and have something to live for in life now.
But when I was all settled and thought it all was alright that was when I was alone and came back to realization of life and what it is now reminding me once again of life without you here by my side yet again. Making me the traveler who I now am.

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