It Was Two Years Ago Today

I am sitting in solitude a lot lately with so many questions and thoughts to ponder. With a daughter that has a blood disease and needs a regular medical schedule. Together with thoughts of recollection of the past years because of the recent transition of the new year to the realization that today a year ago was the day that my mother passed. I miss you mom. Just some simple thinking coming amongst my brain. As I don’t have the answers or knowledge of her days in life i gave her and than i guess that I am understanding why you have been nagging and pulling at my heart and mind a lot more recently lately, as it was two years ago today that you died. I am hoping and believing that this is you trying to acknowledge me and let me know that you are here and still trying to let me know that you are still in a sense by my side. Maybe not in so many words and actions as I am used to but by my heart hoping that it is so. Mom, I love you.

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