The World Of Grey And Betray

We can at times take life for granted, leaving our most treasured and sacred possessions behind to gain our pleasure, riches or entertainments to fill the word made of just the way we like it, creating life. Filling our times with the things that we enjoy or would like more freedoms or entertainments of. ForgettingContinue reading “The World Of Grey And Betray”

A Soldier Who Gave His Life For The Love Of His Country

There was a soldier who gave his life for the love of his country. On duty all day learning to be the best that he could be. Fighting in wars that he got called and deployed. His heart focused on saving his county and making it safer for all. Putting out his own life, earingContinue reading “A Soldier Who Gave His Life For The Love Of His Country”

An Easy Life Is Hard To Come By

An easy life is hard to come by. You do your best yet it never lasts. dropping your daily life trying to create an easier way. however this usually leads to making it harder trying to fit in. Everyday is left with no time, feeling as if nothing was done that you had planned. youContinue reading “An Easy Life Is Hard To Come By”