A Wounded Angel

Tethered and worn, left to rot upon this life
Each wing with many a scar
Each feather broken and brittle amongst the wears it has to show
Her life trying to be all she can to show others how to believe
Her heart breaking in every situation that he has within her grasp to hold onto in faith and fate
Each wing wounded and broken in shambles of dismay, heartache and shame.
A wounded angel is what she has become
Still remaining true to heart by her self regard. While in her mind she has broken inside and questions just how is good still inside with all that she has done and still can do. How valuable is it all with so much heartache, shame, and pain within tearing her apart at the seams. really just who could she really be with everything gone within all she had that remained. Who could she be but a wounded angel left in pain and dismay ahead.

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