You Can Try And Try To Tear Me Down, This Is Where I Was Meant To Stand

You can try and try to tear me down Satan but I will not let you as I will stay held high and strong and believe. I will not let you break this wall that I have built high up around me. You think informing me that my one daughter has a blood disease and that my other daughter has a vitamin D deficiency will kill me you are wrong. Yea so it is scary, but guess what!! So is and was becoming homeless and left to relive all I ever lived once that was ripped from beneath my grip and from under my feet beneath me. I don’t need this on top of all other stuff out of organization in my life. But you ain’t gonna pull me down. You can be on the outside looking in trying to get your way and win. But I have my strength, faith, and love of those around me and by my side who stand in the midst of it all from every height and ground looking in every direction looking around from inside and out to see what help thy may find to keep my head on straight.
So you can pull and shove on by me bringing more for me to carry, but you ain’t gonna pull me down and get me at your level. No sir no sir. You ain’t gonna pull me down. I as any human will worry and fear indeed, indeed but you won’t pull me down to your low height of you. So as I see it you can just keep looking in from the outside peering in. I will not hold my head low just for you to find your prides. I shall hold my head high and just reply, God is good and he will give what is meant for this child of mine, and all in all will be okay. I shall not thread in what is wrong in the health of these two young ones. We will be okay. There has been much worse with others before. This is nothing new and nothing more. This is where I was meant to stand. This is where I belong. All will be okay once I come to the end.

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J. Palmer

Living under the wings of God and the angels around me keeping me going and safe. Sharing the love of Christ.

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