Protection Of The Four Corners Of My Bed

I lay upon my bed at rest to hear my little ones sleep so sound
Not one light on as I lay in silent sumber awaiting my tired restful eyes and my sweet peaceful snooze
Not one soul lying next to me or upon my breast and bussom searching my thoughts and the dark of the room I begin to think as I try to sleep
Tossing and turning and aggravated with each slight sound
My prayers i begin to raise
Asking for a calming soul refreshed in thought and mind that protection of the guardians surround each corner of my bed
To give me a peaceful rest tonight and refresh me for the day to come ease my mind and thoughts and eagerly restless soul releasing my inner spirit to become free of each bitter negative being inside
Protection of my spirit,mind and body with all bitterness of this life walk and journey is what I need to sleep tonight as all emotions have left me and made a hollow pit within me creeping in fear to form inside. Protection of four contents of my bed is what I seek, a request from within a gently withered mind of fearful, deep, dark thoughts of my life I see around me here.

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