You Can Try And Try To Tear Me Down, This Is Where I Was Meant To Stand

You can try and try to tear me down Satan but I will not let you as I will stay held high and strong and believe. I will not let you break this wall that I have built high up around me. You think informing me that my one daughter has a blood disease andContinue reading “You Can Try And Try To Tear Me Down, This Is Where I Was Meant To Stand”

Sixteen Shots Sounded That Day

One shot fired that rang my ears. One tear dropped that rolled across her face. Feeling the burning pain from within her heart Fear filling her as she heads out the door  not knowing just what she will find or see out in that cold dark night Police responding just before she got a chanceContinue reading “Sixteen Shots Sounded That Day”

Dolphins Within The Seas Of Light

Dolphins swim within the seas of light as they sparkle in the nights Observing beneath the sea of life they swim along the sands beneath Being my favorite animals of each living thing because they watch and observe protecting all kinds Even amongst all beings they even will turn and save a life not thatContinue reading “Dolphins Within The Seas Of Light”

Protection Of The Four Corners Of My Bed

I lay upon my bed at rest to hear my little ones sleep so sound Not one light on as I lay in silent sumber awaiting my tired restful eyes and my sweet peaceful snooze Not one soul lying next to me or upon my breast and bussom searching my thoughts and the dark ofContinue reading “Protection Of The Four Corners Of My Bed”

Info For Breastfeeding and Nursing Moms

To breastfeeding mothers…. I just heard on the radio they have a shortage of mothers milk in the milk banks that there is not enough milk for infants who need mothers milk from a milk bank that not enough mothers are banking their milk and babies who have lost their mother or had to useContinue reading “Info For Breastfeeding and Nursing Moms”

New Study About Developing Cancers

I just heard on the radio that a new study showed that we can lower our risk of developing cancer by decreasing the amount of time that we spend sitting. That aperantly the more time we spend being lazy and sitting increases our risk of developing any type of cancer. So if we do notContinue reading “New Study About Developing Cancers”