Fox Ballet

To frolic like two little children
They pounce and bounce today
Sly as any other in their sneaky
Slick old way

Prancing about in the big open yard playing as they may
Sitting with style prouncing one another in mystery of each stride

Then running off into nowhere just as quick as they came.
So Galent they wonder through the woods as I had tried to take some photographs to keep near.

Subtle and coy they still frolic running now with joy
uncertain of their travel
Reminicing in the pure beauty
with every gaze

As if to say come play alongside
They run side by side
Biting in play amongst each others smooth soft quilt of fur

They rum along to play and and hunt is follow each others lead as any other day.

As If to dance among the dandelions they run and stray
As if to do fox ballet

With a great gorgeous sleek coat of reed and chestnut brown and a tail that just flaunts itself about in throughout the wilderness and the nature of earth beyond like a grace filled moment in the thicket of the forest in this fox ballet.

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