We Still Believe, All Will Be Okay

With tears in his eyes
a rumor came as a big surprise
With all he knew and could not understand everyone looking up to him then doubting him

Where was this assumption coming from and why had they been attacking at him

Suddenly all his fame before his eyes staring him in the face as it gets washed away

Trying to regain where the water broke thru he grasps onto whatever is in his reach to hang onto and hold pulling himself back up on hope

He stands again on his feet standing his ground
Trying to rebuild that which was knocked down with attack and force

It is there that he remains
Holding firm unto his faith and belief

He himself only knows the truth and whatever happens next will help him pull on thru

In the end whatever comes next he will be carried high on his guardians back until the time is right

where he may win or loose his fight, but in the very end all will come out alright and we who have that faith and believe can together stand up and say God is with us,

Justin we still believe and have the faith that all will be okay and will help pull you thru. No matter what comes we will not walk away

God will pull you thru
You may drop and feel real blue
But once you do he will push you back up real high maybe even higher than before

He will give you a new path to journey and open and unlock a new door

All will be okay
All will be okay

**Written with and in heart of Justin Beiber and his current news of a baby 2011**

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