Insane Nights

The days cold as ice
The nights dark as a cave
When everything in life is made to break
Nothing is ever the same
Lives always changing
In the distance the loud howl that sends shivers up your spine
Road kill along the way where you may travel or drive
Screams of children of young and old
The screech of a screech owl or the hoot of a great horned
Whispers riding on the wind
As the leaves all fall to the ground
Busy busy is how it always seems on these insane nights
With the moon all a shine and full of light
A full moon straight up in the sky
With the wolves continuing to speak to the night and howl at gleem of the light
chills in the night of these insane nights

Nights where pure evil glow and the light in the clouds all shine and reflect over the land and through the clouds making an even brighter spooky night
The wind begins to chill the air as thunder in the distance sounds like the rev of a race car engine
A bolt of lightening flashes in a streak across the sky
Breeze begins to whip all the trees as if in a great tree dance
Where the darkest ravens and crows take the sky and begin to flee and fly from the on coming storm in sight
These are the time of the insane nights