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I Wouldn’t Change A Thing…You Mean The World To me

I look at you with adrenaline rushing within my blood
My heart racing within my chest
As I try to breath

Thinking of the times we’ve had
I wouldn’t change a thing
I wouldn’t give up my life on you

There are too many things I hold so dear
each tear we’ve shared
each laugh we’ve treasured together

Each time we hold onto means so much within my life
I would not give up
You are life to me
You are the world I wander
You are the sun that brightens my most dark and gloomy day

I gaze into your eyes and in silence you can make me laugh and cry both for joy
You make me speechless when I see you in my sight

You are beautiful just who you are
No matter how we may fight or how we may disagree we always pull thru

We can discuss any issue at hand and trust in each others love
You make me smile and laugh again

If there’s disappointment we compromise to create a change
deciding a solution together

Working together to help each other out rather than tearing one another apart

No matter how long it may take
We are able to satisfy in the fact that all will be okay

Your smile brings tears of love to my eyes
I think of you throughout each days & nights

I draw pictures of you in paper and within my head
While I lye memorized within my bed

Dreaming about our future will it last or leave
In hopes that we’ll remain
Leaving all we have worked toward and worked for on the right path we travel along moving and continuing ahead
Somehow we have always made it thru

You are beautiful just the way that you are I wouldn’t change a thing
You mean the world to me
You are my everything
You create the best that comes out of me

No matter if I am sad and depressed you bring me back into reality making me hear what I need to believe

I may feel upset and as if i hateĀ  you at times, but you turn that around and bring out the best in me always bringing me back to happy


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