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Five Days

Five days

this is my last final stance

five days

never to be thirty-three again

five days

I am seeing my final year at a glance

five days

then hallow eve will be here

but what is to come before the gouls

my very day

my birthday once more

where i will be turning over

 my thirty- three to thirty- four

five days

five days is all

go ahead watch one last time

 for i am turning on the next moon

five days till 34!!

Now it’s four so lets tear down the doors

four days more then we begin counting each day of the year all over again…

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A Lover’s Heart Is What We’ve Got

A lovers heart is what we’ve got

We’ve battled the battle from childhood  to the adult life

Living each day in bliss of our journey thoughout  life

looking at a glance into your eyes

from a distance of a big surprise

with all shyness within mine

I hide myself behind my own built wall

hidden from the evils of the world

my eyes still within full stare with your glossy beautiful eyes

feeling no raing but all shine when I search within your soul

I begin to see and feel hope making me clean and whole

knowing inside I have nothing to fear with you here

I begin to speak as I never have before

for quite sometime now I have shut myself in

silenceing myself like a bat in the wind

My life hidden from all around

that noone will know the torture or evils I had found

my life ruined and worn from the years

while the years continually pass me by when I try to hold up my head only to continue to try

focused on one thing alone

to get a job, a life, and begin all fresh once again.

Able to feel the true honest feelings of that of a lover’s heart

feel the fluttering butterflies take off in flight

and the heart begins to shine

a lovers heart is true and sincere

It is one of the biggest hearts

of the hearts that you could be awarded throughout your life long years

A lovers heart is indeed a blessing from above

It is caring more than every care in the wolrd

it is kind more than any ma could ever really be

it is passionate even when it may be blue

a lovers heart is the best thing that one could ever have and recieve to truly be his

A lovers heart is what we have indeed

We’ll live longer than long with one of these

with a lovers heart one will never age

filled with dreams

the lovers heart remains one in youth of age for life

A lover’s heart is what we’ve got


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