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Under The Knife


You sit knife in hand cutting slices in the nice fresh bread put upon your table top
With each slice looking so delicate and delicious your mouth begins to drool from the sight and the aroma it has
Handing a slice to each at the table saving a slice for you from the last piece respecting and being kind to those at your side
Now its your turn
You pick again up the knife to slice the slight last pieces
When suddenly a firm pinch then pull and tear
You feel the knife cut down as it cuts into your thumb
Bleeding real bad you jump and run to rinse it off and go find someone who could get you help for a bandaid to wrap it tight
Holding pressure it still continues to flow
Blood dripping down your limbs
You finally get it wrapped and cleaned as the throbbing has begun
Not even feeling the pain anymore the shock runs throughout your now numb body
An hour later you have changed the wrap not once but twice and the calming has taken over for you to rest
The throbbing picks up pulse and the pain has returned once more
Words of the wise don’t cut yourselves with sharp knives they defenately are not a toy
This pain I now face is on my mind as I have been under a bad luck health cloud haunting my side for about the past month now
Only wondering what is gonna conspire next praying each day that the new will be my last
Yet a fear inside growing more upon the focus of my mind that this may not be it and there may be more just waiting for me find and open that right door
Not like I was trying to cut into my thumb, not like I had it planned
But with each new day brings new possibilities and this just happened to be the one I claimed
Under the knife I came

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For You… I Send My Utmost Faith And Love To Thee

for  you… I send my utmost highest faith and love

Sending over across all the lands

through the clouds and fields near and far away

I send my utmost highest faith, love and dignity

for you…I have engraved a velvet letter of your given name to mend within my life

sending a big fulfilled heart to you instead is all i do to show i care

nothing said as there is too much

nothing shown for the love i have can not really be shown

not heard for there is no real sound love can make

for you… I send Joy and peace in relief

 that I will remain always and forever your soul mate and that I am okay

seeing you means the world and heart of all the country and nations that this world may hold

but in knowledge knowing you are all right is just what I need to know

 to confirm you are safe and together we can be happy

that nothing will step in our way

make me much more ecstatic than happy anyway

So to you I send all my last drops of love just for you to hang onto and

forever be in life with me

it’s least I can do when I am not near to you

 or there within life for real with you

I am sending to you my heart for you to carry along your way

my mind for you to hear my every thoughts for every day

my mouth so you may hear everything I would like you to hear me say

my ears so that you know i always have a listening place for you

my fingers so that you can feel me run them smoothly across your face and through your hair

my nose so you can smell the fragrances i drown and surround you in with each touch that we get

for you …I send my utmost highest faith, love, and dignity

believing in this…

there will be a day for us

we just have to listen, believe, stay focused and pray

for you…I send my utmost highest faith and love to thee

just believe and you will see

that you can count on me and believe

I shall never walk away from you and leave

I always send my utmost faith and love to thee

no matter how near or far we may be

your all my life that matters to me

you just have to feel and believe


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