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A Cold Winters Night Long Ago

There once was a baby wrapped and dressed of nothing but burlap rags

they called him Emanuel, Prince of peace,Jesus, Josiah

In the cold of winter nights he lay in a bed of hay

in a small barn of no room

animals of the barn watch in the manger where this baby began his life

surrounding to watch this special birth take place

known to all as The king this baby came to be

still in the bitter cold this child lay his tiny head

with one tiny star bigger than the rest shine upon the barn entrance way

while this child rest

people came from all around to visit and see this baby they called “The King”

Shepard’s and wise men from all over nations

came to see this tiny miracle in the making of a journey into life

Some brought him gifts of silver, incense, and mer

this child was to be brought to death even after just being born

but Christ his eternal father kept angels over watch of him as the child lay sleeping in the hay

protecting him in every day that he lay there in that cold winter night manger

Mary and Joseph just as surprised at the sight as all the rest

happy parents as any other

they accepted all the loves and gifts not knowing exactly what to say

these two parents held to their faith thru the journey of this cold winters night

as they stayed there throughout the nights in steady prayers that they would share

to protect their child from any evil outside of that barn door that may come in his way

till one special day the angels warmed them of the coming king

a king who wanted to take his life

The angel told Mary and Joseph it was time for them to gather and leave

that all would be okay but they needed to leave from the manger’s side

so now in the cold winter’s night

Mary and Joseph and this sweet tiny wrapped baby traveled all night

together thru the night to where God had led them

Where they would find true safety for themselves and this tiny child of their own

in time this child grew into the worlds and nations most known,

and most loved cherished forever and of all as The King

This baby is Jesus Christ the son of man born and chosen by christ

This baby is who saved all the world from sin in life

this all happened on a cold winters night long ago

and has lived its honor forevermore

becoming the most discussed baby of all times

Jesus is his name



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Another Night Of Heartburn And Pain

Another night with this mad, angry heartburn, running throughout my chest like raging fire over hot coals
Another night of discomfort inside burning all the way up into my throat
Another sleepless night with agonizing pain and a new medicine that I have never seen
A medicine that takes four days for a comforting relief….four days you say…that is impossible and insane
I gotta stay living in this horrible heartburn and pain for four days. What shall come next a broken heart or leg
With pain so immense it brings tears to my eyes as I try to comfortably lie
Wishing for a faster relief to make this pain leave from me I pray for a silent night for me
Although not coming soon enough my breathing acts up with asthma and bronchitis to top off the heartburn like a cherry on a sundae will this pain end tonight I say I can’t bare another day
Yup It’s another night of heartburn and pain
I’d wish for a broken heart or anything at this immense serious ridiculous pain

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