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Relax In Time

In my heart I hold you tight and listen for your breathing throughout the night knowing I have a soulmate is worth the final wait
Longing to know you and have you close by my side
Weather you are here or there I think of you every day and night
Waiting for that day that you truly enter my life and take me forever to be with you in love
My eyes always watching and aware for you to step out in front of me and make it last
You are my one hearts desire
Once I have you I will never leave
But your soul only is all I have with me
I know i’ll meet you under the sun but longing for you is all I have within
Bright blue skies keep me holding faith as I know you husband will take the race
When or how I know one day
Though I want it now I sit and pray
With every day traveling by
And my life still in shambles and disarray I just wish you were hear to take it all in throughout the years
To look emensily in your eyes and always know that you are mine
Though it is now the end of this dream as you are not here or even with me
I hold the faith all along and imagine the day for what I have known of you before we meet in hope I relax in time of all these years gone by without you by my side.


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There Have Been Times In My Life

Good inspiration of how great life is and the hope to be alive.

There have been times in my life when all seemed lost. Life just wasn’t worth living through another day. Then you need to remember things that are important to you. For as low as we fall there is always something or someone, somewhere, to help pull you back from the deep pits of darkness. Once you feel yourself slipping grab on to that something or someone. We wonder why life has given us such a bad deal. This is not to question. Love, Hope and … Read More

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