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Miserable With Bronchitis

Feeling under the weather I wish I were feeling better
Closed up in my bed and house I lay all day as time just ticks away
Wishing I had someone to hold me and stay by my side
To be by the fireplace to warm up and fall asleep
Living my life with Asthma, depression and right now bronchitis too
I feel so rotten and nasty to even eat much or move
The fevers up to one hundred don’t help me a bit either
Feel like my life is over, but I know that soon this bronchitis will be kicked out the door
But feeling so miserable not wanting to do a thing
Falling asleep just passing out it is wearing into nothing
Soon this will be over and I won’t couped up or depressed no more
Soon I hope I will happy again and exuberant in life for I know that I am not dieing but the coughing doesn’t help one bit
I feel so just miserable it makes me want to cry
Wanting you beside me and wanting to be held tight
I am miserable with bronchitis as I lay again in bed tonight


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