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The Internet Junky Is Just Me…

A night without the net
Only three hrs down so far
Here I sit and twidle my thumbs and ain’t seen nothing yet
Bored as ever when never before
As you filled your down time with facebook, Twitter or yahoo messanger before.
Now you sit here going thru withdraw for the time spent then is not there tonight
Just the web base cell phone sitting on a table or desk
No modem or lynksis helping you out tonight
For tonight you are solo with no internet at your side
Dying to be in front of that big too bright screen yet again one more time.
Really really you say…. as you slap yourself in the face
This is good you need to accept this one time space
Okay so maybe I am an internet junky bit that is as I wish to be
Maybe I am addicted but that is okay it is all good cause
So addicted is okay for me, that is where I am happy you see
I still live my life and do important things. I don’t forget the real life like the other junkies we see.
Internet junky is just the that I am…that is just me and it sure as hell always will be.
I guess internet junky is where I will remain as always was before
In my stress free place that I just enjoy to be in the internet junky where I am at.
This my dear is truly just me.
However in the running tonight it has slammed the door in my face for the internet right now tonight is simply just not working anymore. The internet junky is just me…


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*Sarah Update Again*

*Sarah Update Again*

Hi Everyone!! Hope that fall is going well for all of you. I am writing you this message to request and update you on Sarah. For about a month now Sarah has been battling a unknown health cyst she has tried 2 different antibiotics and has little to no response. she was at the ENT today at CHOP to follow up on the progress. They are hoping that giving it yet another month it may recede off totally and vanish; however if it does not and she is back in a month with it still there she will have to go thru surgery. So We are requesting that if you are able to pray to please send some up for 5 year old Sarah Palmer. Thanks we will keep all updated as we can.


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