One Can Never Let Go…You Can Be The Voice

Each time that I hear about another mom who has lost an infant weather after it was born or before it digs deep into my heart and sadens me to see another mother suffer the same pain as I have already been working thru. I myself carried a child for six n half months attaching my entire self being to her more than ever as she was to be my first child ever and a special child at that to become a millennium baby. However, at 6n 1/2 months and after creating that special parent child bond Katrinia lost her heart beat forcing me to have to go thru emergency DNC to have her removed and protect my own health, while tearing my heart out with hers. I will never forget my reaction sitting on that OB table just those quick subtle minutes and the screams that left with her that very day as tears pour from my eyes. The loss of a child is one that never goes away or leaves your side. It is one that ones involved must find their own RIGHT closer for to bring peace to their mind. It’s been 11 years for me now and every year I am still celebrating what I can just to never let her go as if she was still right here. One could not let go. It just always remains with you no matter how hard one tries. Sometimes it tears more than just your soul, sometimes it could tear apart lives or families as it had mine. A lot around me changed and left away the day I had learned about the loss of my baby
Sometimes it can be fixed, other times it is left in the buried sands by the sea to be washed far away from where it had once used to be
No matter what the case
You will make it thru, to be a leader to others and help them out as well helping them to see the light and hear your stories too
Your voice can also be the voice that other moms still may need to see or read

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