I Wouldn’t Change A Thing…You Mean The World To me

I look at you with adrenaline rushing within my blood My heart racing within my chest As I try to breath Thinking of the times we’ve had I wouldn’t change a thing I wouldn’t give up my life on you There are too many things I hold so dear each tear we’ve shared each laughContinue reading “I Wouldn’t Change A Thing…You Mean The World To me”

Witches And Gouls – Halloween Nights

Witches and gouls Skeletons and zombies Black cats and bats Jack o lanterns and pumpkins These all are what you could see on the gathering of the night on the last day off October Leaves, fallen from the tree Covering the ground trick or treaters tramping thru them all as they go door to doorContinue reading “Witches And Gouls – Halloween Nights”

A Lover’s Heart Is What We’ve Got

A lovers heart is what we’ve got We’ve battled the battle from childhood  to the adult life Living each day in bliss of our journey thoughout  life looking at a glance into your eyes from a distance of a big surprise with all shyness within mine I hide myself behind my own built wall hiddenContinue reading “A Lover’s Heart Is What We’ve Got”

For You… I Send My Utmost Faith And Love To Thee

for  you… I send my utmost highest faith and love Sending over across all the lands through the clouds and fields near and far away I send my utmost highest faith, love and dignity for you…I have engraved a velvet letter of your given name to mend within my life sending a big fulfilled heart to you instead is all i doContinue reading “For You… I Send My Utmost Faith And Love To Thee”