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News Flash – September 27, 2011 *UPDATES*

Angel Takes Flight has posted some new materials if you have not known already or have not gone and read anything now is your chance. Come on in. All are welcome.

By the way *update* For all who knew already and have been following progress with my daughter Sarah’s abnormality growth behind her ear. She had been put on a new medication as of about almost a week and a half ago now and the abnormality has begun to recede a bit more now. she will still remain on the meds for about another week and has an appointment to follow up with an ENT next week. If you do not know what an ENT is, and ENT is a specialist who knows all about the Ear Nose and Throat. So she will be going to see the specialist and then I will know a bit more what we are up against and what the long term progress and healing will consist more of for treatment and knowledge of what we are dealing with.But life has not left any obsticles unturned for as we deal with all this, Brie and Sarah both just became aware that they each have a ear infection that they are now battling with meds on top of Sarah already taking meds. All the family including myself have sore throats and feel misserable as well as some like myself are running high fevers. So no stone has been left un turned but I know soon enough hopefully we will come to a clearing in the pastures and see a brand new light day.

*Second Update* is for anyone interested in thinking about a new puppy. The local SPCA of Conshahocken have a good few two month old up to just over a yr puppies right now still available for adoptions.

If you are interested in blue pits breed I have access to some puppies that a friend’s dog just had her puppies so they are even younger and are also for sale as well so those are some great possibilities up for grabs. Hope you enjoy my site and we stay connected by the wire. Thanks, Fun Surfing!!

*Second Thanks for staying updated and keeping in the post line.

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The Beginning Kindergartener

Just kindergarteners you’ve grown up so fast your now in your first art club after school and wanting so hard to keep trying still on your own
Not yet knowing what you are doing and not fully yet willing to listen and learn how
You are the mastermind behind all of you
Only doing it your way still not fully trusting and relying in anyone but you
Yet still being part in the two year old child crying over everything that doesn’t go your way
Very testing in my life as nerves raise high at many times
Soon enough you’ll be headed to 10 than 13 time has flown so quickly, so soon I guess this is all age trend of being the beginning kindergartener
Although as you begin to mature and grow at times it makes me miss the infant baby in you

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Love Is Not Just Words Of A Wonderful Fairytale

I lay in my bed thinking over my life realizing with myself just how important you are with me
Realizing just what life woul be like laying next to you at night and waking bedside you at day
Not having anything to think or discuss except things which have happened to me,or the memories and virtual life of you and I and the web of today which is most of what you and I see
That seems to be where we mostly would be to meet
but I still question when will that day finally come and be
I have been waiting so long holding my hopes and dreams of seeing that day yet still not knowing when that day will be
I hold different memories of your life with me here cherishing things that I have liked and seen of the you that I know on here that I have held onto and kept close by to me
I know that one day I will gain ownership of the one most beautiful rock in life that you wear forever just after one day
But reality in this dream is still forthcoming for me
I have not had this special day written amongst the sky yet for me
However I know that there is still hope for this one day
Till then I hold true to the faith and believing that this will truely happen one day but for now this is the life God has handed to me in the current skies. Where is he when will we be I aka myself o er and over again but have not yet seen an answer for me.
One the day that I receive my rock I am sure that will be the day that you see me cry
I am very strong all the way around, but even emotions no matter how strong can crumble beneath to the ground
That will be the day you will see my floods and I will know that love is not just words of a wonderful fairytale even with the love that may seem so real


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If I Got The News I Was Gonna Die Young

If I got news that I were gonna die young
Would you find your way still to my side
Would you walk with me all the way
Would you protect me throughout all I find in life
I i got news this very day would you stand with me in each of my crying eyes
Would you swim with me on a deep blue ocean before I loose my sight of such a beauty
Would you take me away with an open mind and an open heart in hopes and dreams that we would never part
Would you release me into the wild if the day came that I died
Letting go of my …our life
If I got the news that I was going to die young
Would you continue to love me still all along
Or would you turn to run and hide with our love burning a fire inside
Would you hold on forever even if I loose the time to be here by your side
If I were to get the news that was doing to die young
Would you give up on me and go to look for another love that isn’t mine or will I always have you within my life
Yet if I ever live every moment in life that may just be a very good sign
We would never leave anything behind all focus would remain fresh on the mind


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