In This Life

You show up on my property unanounced

Knocking on my window in the middle of the night

when all the world is fast asleep

it’s the end of the day and kids are finally at rest

time for me to get silence and rest myself

I open the window to see what you want

scared out my nerves shot while I was sleeping inside

you begin to threaten and tell me off once more

standing there I say quiet…Do you mind

in fear of you once again waking the kids

i tell you to leave and reclose the window in your face

as you ramble on about going and getting layed

then you complain when I don’t call you and talk

why should I listen and talk having anything to do with a person in this mind frame

who only calls or shows up to herass and threaten one

In my very own place where I should feel safest

I stay up afraid

I am scared to look or pier out my very own window or door

worried that you will be there

my phone dies and even then you go off about not talking to your kids

is this the way of life


but this is the life you have created for me

in this life I am not happy

In this life I can not be free when you are around

freedom of speech means nothing anymore

In this life I should be care free and happy

yet instead I have to call upstairs to my dad waking him from his sleep

 to go check outside and give you a piece of his mind

calling you a sick being and upset with me

In fear I hide staying lick inside

behind the doors of my family’s house

until I can move out to a place of my own

where i can begin over fress and live free and alone

not a suprise at night

not a threat tearing me down

it is my home where I will be quietly

noone to bother me or show up in the middle of the night

Go home and sleep Dan, don’t go bothering me

My life is mine

please just let me be

In this life I should not fear or hide

I should be able to live life with my kids and carefree and proud

just leave me be

Don’t come around like a villan running the town

This is my father’s home not yours or mine

you do not belong here

you do not belong walking the property line

you are not only disrepecting me

but my father and also my family

go home where you live and where you belong

go home and stay away from me and my family

4 thoughts on “In This Life

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