I Will Remain Standing Here Holding The Key

I asked you when you closed and locked that door are you sure and certain that there is a never more

with a shattered heart of my very own I didn’t want to loose the warm tone and turn hard and cold forevermore

I said to you that day that you threw it all away so you thought you are giving up on everyone when in reality it was only the doing of one lone unvaluable soul not the souls of everyone for I knew deep in my heart it could be you

However I also knew that if you closed the door forevermore and really meant that it would never be us

I knew my heart was a jumble flutter the minute you threw the key away

yet I didn’t know how I could save it and salvage you and I to put you to the test

Knowing I had searched on for so long before I located the one I had found I was bound to find a way into his heart even if he wasn’t willing to agree

So here we appear now years down the traveled road never to break us apart

hearts bonded in soul and flesh and not to be forever lost

You are my hearts desire and this is where I want to be

so I will remain standing here holding the key

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