One Tear And He Is Always There


As I sit back and think of my life today I sit here whiping one tear out of my weeping eyes
I can only focus on the outside with myself hidden inside
However I hold tight to the only one I have bond myself for life to know all that is worth being in my mind
One tear and he is always there
He keeps me focused on the future ahead and holds my life keeping my head held high in times such as these when I become drained from the stress of the time pulling in and at my life
My love holds tight to him everyday knowing that whatever comes my way he is always there to stay and to be he is always there for me and bringing a simple smile upon my face no matter how tough he has to reach to get to me. That simple tear is what brought us here the first time so long ago
I know that what this life will bring all will be okay no matter how stressing life’s hand hands me he will remain there for me and together we will pull thru and help to pull my emotions flowing out of me so as I will not bottle them deep inside me
He is always there for me no matter what may happen in any time
He sets my heart, soul, and mind free giving me the releases I may need and not see.
One tear and he is always there

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