I Was Born To Protect You


I was born to protect you and keep you safe from harm
Yet I keep questioning my ability at this when it comes to this in a tumor or risk of something out of my control of my hands
How is a mother to protect her young when it is something of the nature of this sense
Something one can not see or sense until after developing has already begun
I fear that I can not
Yet God told us I will give you what I feel you can handle and nothing out of the sense of your control
Yet if I can not grasp it in my hand I feel as if it is not in my control
If I can not control than it becomes a threat to me and I feel that you are in danger
However I always know that you are not as you are always by my side
However something like this I just can not pretend to hide
This groosum thing can defenately be seen with the naked eyes
It’s sight does nothing but makes me sit in fear and cry
I will not stop until I see a change
This is a sin to see you in
This is truly horrible
I was born to protect you as I have learned by being protected
However how am I suppost to protect you when I don’t even know what to do with such a huge lump as such
I was born to protect you,
But I don’t know how so I am just going to love you evenmore

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