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I Was Born To Protect You


I was born to protect you and keep you safe from harm
Yet I keep questioning my ability at this when it comes to this in a tumor or risk of something out of my control of my hands
How is a mother to protect her young when it is something of the nature of this sense
Something one can not see or sense until after developing has already begun
I fear that I can not
Yet God told us I will give you what I feel you can handle and nothing out of the sense of your control
Yet if I can not grasp it in my hand I feel as if it is not in my control
If I can not control than it becomes a threat to me and I feel that you are in danger
However I always know that you are not as you are always by my side
However something like this I just can not pretend to hide
This groosum thing can defenately be seen with the naked eyes
It’s sight does nothing but makes me sit in fear and cry
I will not stop until I see a change
This is a sin to see you in
This is truly horrible
I was born to protect you as I have learned by being protected
However how am I suppost to protect you when I don’t even know what to do with such a huge lump as such
I was born to protect you,
But I don’t know how so I am just going to love you evenmore

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Being A Mother

Not a day goes by when I don’t think of you
You are my child what am I supposed to do
When you are sad i am sad for you
When you are hurt it hurts me to see it hurting you
Whenever there is something bothering you it always is bothering me too
Even if you are not in fear I always fear for you
I am your mother and mothers were made in by the image of God
To always respect opinions even if they may not always agree
Love unwilling and unconditionally throughout everything
Forgive and help learn what is right
And mostly protect you from all harm
These are a mothers charm
Okay but right now I must say I am not fully satisfied today
I am worried about your health today as I am not sure what I am up against with what is visable that can be seen
They said give it 48 hours and it should go away
However it is past that time already today and I have seen no change especially not in the better anyway and it is defenately not gone as they had thought that it would be. I am worried about your hearing of where this mess has layed its bed
I wouldn’t be a decent mother if I didn’t do any of these things at hand
However this obstacle in your life at the present time is not dealing a fair hand
I am emotionally and physically drained as I try to protect you as best that I can and pray for healing that is only of him
But my eyes have run dry and my heart has become bruised as my vibes are speaking louder than my words right now that are not in anyway feeling right right now at this moment indeed and I hang my head down in prayer in hopes that we are almost there. Almost where this healing may be as I fear the worst from the evidence around me that I can see
This is what being a mother is all about unconditional love to this child that she born out

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